Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

The class teachers for 2021/2022 are as follows:
5M – Mrs Metcalfe
5C – Miss Cook

We hope you enjoy seeing all the wonderful learning we get up to in Year 5! We teach a broad and balanced curriculum and our Woodley CARE values are at the core of everything we do. We all enjoy taking part in creative lessons which challenge our resilience and encourage everyone to aim high whilst being responsible and respectful individuals. We hope this page provides an opportunity for you to see our children enjoying their learning and feeling confident in what they do whilst putting the CARE values into action.

CARE in Science

We have been learning how we can take care of ourselves and others by making sure we wash our hands regularly and thoroughly. In science, we wanted to test just how effective washing your hands really is. To do this, we used bread! First we touched a piece of bread with really dirty hands, then sealed it in a bag. We did the same after washing hands with water only, using hand sanitiser and again after washing our hands for 20 seconds using water and soap. We also sealed an untouched piece of bread in a bag to compare our results to. We then watched the bread to see what happened. Look at the photos to see our findings!

“After one week, I noticed that the one touched with dirty hands had the most mould, and the one touched after cleaning hands with soap and water had no mould. The hand sanitiser, untouched and washed with water had some mould. This shows that the more bacteria on your hands, the more mould will grow on the bread.” Mikel

“This shows that we must wash our hands properly!” Phoebe

“This shows that hand sanitiser does help but washing your hands with soap and water is better.” Summer

“This shows that washing with soap and water is better than hand sanitiser.” Archie

“This shows that if you wash your hands with soap and water, it’s really good but if you only use water it isn’t as good.” Ava

“This shows that washing your hands with soap and water makes a big difference!” Freya

“This shows how important it is to wash your hands with soap and water.” Rowan

“The findings show that it could actually be worse to rinse your hands with water than to do nothing as there looks like there was more mould on the washed with water one than on the dirty hands one. This could be because bacteria grows best in moist conditions.” 5D

Resilience and Creativity in Computing

We have developed interactive posters all about ourselves using code blocks on Sprite Lab. We started this work during lockdown and have finished our posters off in school. Click on the sprites on the posters to learn more about us and use the arrows to move the characters around. Aren’t they amazing?!

Aiming High and Being Ambitious in PSHE

We have been learning about different careers and how each job that someone has contributes to society in a different way. We have considered the importance of certain jobs, like nurses and doctors and what life would be like without them. We have also looked at the average salaries for different jobs and had a few surprises! Many of us thought that nurses, police officers and fire officers should be paid more, and lots of us were surprised to learn about the average salary for a professional footballer as we expected it to be higher!

Then considered our own goals and dreams for our future and discussed what we might need to do to achieve these. Look at the images to see some of our dreams and goals.

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Upcoming Events and Trips:

 Y5 Residential Trip to Ravenstor/Buxton 25th – 27th April 2022