Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

The class teachers for 2022/2023 are as follows:

4G – Miss Greenslade

4M – Miss Moran

We hope you enjoy seeing all the wonderful learning we get up to in Year 4! We teach a broad and balanced curriculum and our Woodley CARE values are at the core of everything we do.

In Year 4, we encourage everyone to be ambitious and aim high whilst being responsible and respectful individuals. We aim to help the children to feel confident, creative and resilient in their learning, with an understanding that everyone matters.

We hope this page provides an opportunity for you to see our children enjoying their learning and feeling confident in what they do whilst putting the CARE values into action.

Homework in Year 4 consists of:

  • 5 games on Spelling Shed. New spellings are set each Wednesday and tested the following Tuesday
  • 5 minutes on Times Tables Rockstars per day. New battles are set each week
  • Reading out loud and discussing VIPERS questions with an adult at least 3 times per week. Please ensure an adult signs your child’s reading record.

For each piece of homework completed, children are rewarded a Dojo Point. Certificates for reading, spelling and Times Tables Rockstars are also awarded for exceptional effort or learning in each Friday assembly.

Learning to play an instrument:

In Year 4, we also have the pleasure of learning to play the cornet and ukulele through our Wider Ops sessions with the Stockport Music Service.

The music service have kindly shared a login so your child can access Charanga from at home.

Go to

Your username is: Woodley

Your password is: Music

Click on the Log In button.

All done! Click on the world to get started. The children are familiar with using this in school.

Please DO NOT change the password as it will log everybody else out.


Click whichever instrument your child is currently learning:

Aiming High in Computing

In Year 4, we have been creating our own games using events, sequencing and debugging. We have had to be resilient and solve problems to make sure our games are interesting and challenging (but also possible)! We hope you enjoy playing some of them.

Please click the buttons below to view our children’s work

Exploring our Creativity in Art

In art, we have been exploring how motifs are used to create a repeating pattern. We looked at examples of Versace’s work and how this was inspired by the meander patterns from Ancient Greece. We also investigated how to mix pastel shades of paint from the primary colours and white and selected a colour palette for our final piece.

We then designed our own motif and transferred it onto thick card using string and art straws to create a stamp for printing. Finally, we used our own stamps to create pattern designs which could be used in fashion.

Learning that Everybody Matters in PSHE

In our first of 6 PSHE units, we have been learning about ‘Me in My World’. In this unit (puzzle) the children have talked about being part of a team. We talked about attitudes and actions and their effects on the whole class. The children learned about their school and its community, who all the different people are and what their roles are. We discussed democracy and linked this to our own

School Council. We looked at the origins of the democratic system (Ancient Greece), what its purpose is and how it works. The children talked about group work, the different roles people can have, how to make positive contributions, how to make collective decisions and how to deal with conflict. Here we especially focused on the Woodley Restorative Approach which we all use when relationships need some help to be mended or strengthened. We also talked about considering other people’s feelings, which is something the Year 4 staff feel our children are particularly good at putting into practise.

Here are some questions which you may wish to ask your child at home to find out more about this learning:

  • What makes an effective class team?
  • How do all the different people in school work together so that it runs well?
  • Does everyone have a role in school?
  • Do you have choices about how to behave?
  • How do rules, rewards and consequences help with this?
  • What do you think democracy is? Can you give an example?
  • What skills do you have that can help a team work well together?
  • What are the Jigsaw Friends in your class called?
  • How are the Jigsaw Friends used in your Jigsaw lessons?
  • Can you tell me about Calm Me time?


Here is a link to a Calm Me which you may wish to use at home:

Exploring our musical talents

In music we have had the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument courtesy of Stockport Music Service. 4G have been learning how to play the cornet and 4M the ukulele. The children are being given a high quality education which will hopefully inspire and engage them to develop a love of music, develop their confidence and sense of achievement.


During the autumn term the children will be participating in swimming lessons every Friday at Life Leisure Romiley. The aim of these lessons is to ensure children can swim competently, confidently and proficiently, use a range of strokes effectively (for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke) and perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations. We travel to the swimming baths by coach and the children demonstrate how grown up they are by being sensible, respectful and polite.

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