Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

The class teachers for 2020/2021 are as follows:

3SG – Miss Greenslade

3LG – Mrs Grange

Here you can find examples of some of the fantastic things our children have achieved in school. We follow a broad and balanced curriculum, as you can see by our long term plan, and the Woodley CARE values underpin all that we do.

Year 3 are all now Mental Health Champions!

We had a visitor called Ricky who came into school to teach all of the staff and children to become Mental Health Champions. We talked about our feelings and responses to a range of events (good and not so good) and learned how to understand and take control of some of our feelings when they get too big or overwhelming. We learned how to use calm jars and breathing and tapping techniques to calm both our minds and our bodies and will help one another to use them in the future.

Year 3 African Drumming workshop

During Black History Month, Year 3 had some special visitors who brought along their African drums. There were enough for us to all have a go! We learned about the history of the drums and the parts of the world where they are traditionally played. We performed using a range of ostinato rhythms, at differing tempos and volumes and even learned how to change the timbre by hitting the drums in different ways.