Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) is Mrs Lucy Hibbert.
She can help you with any concerns that you have about your child and can be contacted via email ( or by telephone via the main school office (01614306609)

We have two SEND Learning Support Assistants who work across the school and support children with additional needs. They are:

Mrs Lucie Porteus                                      and                                  Mrs Louise Jackson

We also have a Pastoral Manager, Ms Sue Cox, who can help you with any concerns during your child’s time at Woodley Primary School

Primary Schools always endeavour to meet the needs of individual children and most will find their needs can be met within a mainstream school.

Some children, however, may have additional needs which require additional support; for example when children have a learning difficulty or a disability that means they find it harder to learn than other children in their age group.

Children have a range of needs, including physical or sensory difficulties, language difficulties and emotional/behavioural difficulties.

The network of services that work with schools in Stockport means that each child’s needs can be addressed with additional support to overcome the barriers they face.

At Woodley, we have a Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (Mrs L Hibbert) and Learning Mentor (Ms Sue Cox) who can help you with any concerns during your child’s school career.

For more information on Stockport’s admission policy on children with SEND, click here.





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