RE Curriculum

At Woodley Primary School, we follow the Stockport agreed syllabus for Religious Education. Our intent is to provide a broad and balanced Religious Education which enables the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils, by challenging the children’s inquisitive minds, whilst promoting the key British Values of mutual respect and tolerance.

Throughout the school, children cover a wide range of Christianity units as well as exploring Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Humanism. We seek to provide a clearer idea of what religion is about, the importance of understanding beliefs different to our own and how faith is expressed in many people’s daily lives and routines.

Through our RE lessons, we teach the children about the values and moral beliefs that underpin individual choices of behaviour. We help children recognise the difference between right and wrong, through the study of moral and ethical questions whilst teaching the children to respect each other and their local community. We also promote the values and attitudes required for citizenship in a democracy by teaching respect for others and the need for personal responsibility.

By promoting tolerance and understanding of other people, we enable children to appreciate what it means to be positive members of our society so that they can flourish in today’s world. The RE curriculum clearly links with our core values as we teach children to be responsible, and that everyone matters.


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