Curriculum Intent

At Woodley Primary School, we strive to promote a love of learning through encouraging and challenging inquisitive minds, delivering a fun and engaging curriculum and championing children’s aspirations.


Through a safe and caring environment, we develop and celebrate children’s personal and academic potential whilst broadening their horizons and helping them to make positive contributions to their local community and the wider world. Children at Woodley learn to become resilient, respectful and considerate individuals who are ambitious, lifelong learners that feel empowered to ‘reach for the stars’ and be the best that they can be.


As part of their Woodley learning journey, all children experience a broad and balanced curriculum that is coherently planned and sequenced in order to ensure that they have opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to adapt, think critically and flourish in today’s world.


The curriculum ensures that vocabulary development, creativity and problem solving, including well-being and mental health, are key elements to support the development of the whole child.


Throughout the children’s time at Woodley, they are taught how to respect each other and take responsibility for themselves. This allows children to be confident in taking risk with their learning and exploring who they are, as everyone matters in our Woodley family.


Our curriculum is defined as the totality of all that is planned for our children from early learning, through school and beyond.


That totality can be planned for and experienced by learners across four contexts:


Enriching the curriculum


The children and the staff at Woodley Primary School celebrated Earth Day in May. We learnt about water pollution, recycling, individual responsibility and global warming. As part of the week’s celebration, we got to experience an educational visit where we learnt about some sea creatures.

Why not take a look for yourself!

Pupil Voice


“It makes me feel really sad for the creatures because they can’t defend themselves and they have nowhere to escape. Now, when I eat my dinner at school, I am going to use the recycling trays to help look after our environment.” – Year 4 pupil


“Having the rock pool was just the best day ever. I didn’t know rock pools exist and they aren’t close to here so I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. When the sea creatures were just there in front of me it made me excited to see what they felt like and I learnt things like what they eat and how we can protect them.” – Year 2 pupil