Information for New Nursery Families


A Very Warm Welcome!

Dear Parents and Carers,

On behalf of Woodley Primary School’s staff and governors, we would like to welcome the new Nursery cohort!

We are looking forward to working in partnership with you to ensure that your child thrives at Nursery, discovers new interests, develops great ambitions and achieves their highest potential. It is our privilege to share the role of developing and nurturing your child’s learning and development with you. As part of our close partnership, we seek to offer an open-door policy and we endeavour to be on hand to answer queries or discuss concerns you may have.

Although the prospect of your child starting at Nursery School in September may seem a little daunting, especially given the current climate we are living in, we want you to know that we are adapting our practice as a school in order to make the transition process a memorable and positive experience so that your child feels well-prepared for starting Nursery.

We aim to keep in regular contact with you via the school website (this page), our school Twitter page, through letter format and over the phone.

Thank you for choosing Woodley Primary School for the next phase of your child’s education. We are really looking forward to getting to know you and your family, as you begin a new chapter in your life.


Take care and stay safe,


Pete Langridge



Videos to share


We really hope that you have found the information you have received so far useful.

By now you will:

  • Have found out the sessions which your child will be attending Nursery each week (from September).
  • Know which key group group your child is in.
  • Have received an introductory paragraph from the members of staff in Nursery.
  • Have received a welcome phone call.
  • Have a taster session booked for the first week back in September.

Unfortunately, we cannot complete all of the transition activities we had planned due to the current climate. As an alternative, the Nursery team have made some videos for you and your child/children to watch. We hope that by seeing the classroom and the staff’s faces regularly, from now until September, will allow the children to feel more confident, safe and secure to begin their journey in Nursery.



Story time with Mrs Leigh

Story time with Mrs Knowles

Nursery Rhyme Time with Mrs Leigh