Art and Design Curriculum

‘Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun!’ – Mary Lou Cook

 At Woodley Primary School, we have created an Art and Design curriculum with the aim that our children will develop a sense of creativity, self-expression and excellence which in turn, will promote high academic standards and the passion to become reflective learners. The programme of study which we have created showcases an appreciation of Art and Design, which will last a lifetime.

Every year during the children’s time at Woodley, they will be given the opportunity to explore an artist, designer and architect through a ‘focus image’. The children are encouraged to interpret, evaluate and reflect on the image whilst learning more about the artist/designer/architect and how their work has become famous. Children will then be given the opportunity to learn and develop a variety of art skills and finally, they will plan and create their own artwork which links back to the ‘focus image’. 

During art lessons, children will be encouraged to showcase their creativity through experimenting with a range of media and materials in an environment where there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ results, enhancing self-expression and confidence.  As a school, we continually celebrate and recognise Art and Design events from around the world as a means of broadening the children’s knowledge and allowing for their thoughts and feelings to be expressed through various media of Art.


Pupils Voice

‘I like art because you get messy and I like getting messy!’ – Year 1 pupil

‘I enjoy experimenting with paint and colours. I like learning about the primary colours and mixing them to make new colours too.’ – Year 2 pupil

‘I like to learn key art words and looking at different pictures and paintings because everyone has different ideas and I like to listen to what they are.’ – Year 3 pupil

‘In art, we have to be resilient and creative when learning new skills. It is fun to practise the skills before using them in our final piece’ – Year 4 pupil

‘I enjoy art at Woodley because it is creative and you are allowed to be ambitious with your work’ – Year 5 pupil

Knowledge Organisers

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